Donaire on Inoue: “He is a great fighter, I was really having fun!” | World Boxing Super Series
Donaire on Inoue: “He is a great fighter, I was really having fun!”

Donaire on Inoue: “He is a great fighter, I was really having fun!”

4th, December 2020

Future Hall of Famer Nonito Donaire is the main person on Episode 5 of ‘Kalle’s WBSS Hangouts’ hosted by WBSS Chief Boxing Officer Kalle Sauerland.

‘The Filipino Flash’ is a four-division world champion, and a legend of the sport with incredible one-punch power.

And a legend in the history of the World Boxing Super Series. Donaire conquered Ryan Burnett and Stephon Young before taking one of boxing’s brightest stars Naoya Inoue all the way in an unbelievable thriller, a modern-day classic also known as ‘The Drama in Saitama’.

“I have never doubted my capability,” said Donaire on fighting ‘The Monster’. “I have ever put anyone higher than I am. I never felt this kid could take me or knock me out.

“I had this kid running, and no one makes this kid run. When I hurt him when he got cut, he kept coming back with great punches, but I was like it hurt, but it didn’t hurt enough to take me out. I can take it, this is going to be a good fight. I was really having fun.

“I hurt him, but he is a great,  f–king amazing kid. He is a great fighter who has a lot of balls inside that ring.”

38-year-old Donaire was born in Talibon, Bohol, Philippines, and moved to the U.S. in 1993.

The Filipino-American talks about his childhood in the Philippines and the US, and how he as a skinny and quiet kid was scared for his life going into the ring for the first time but had the ‘switch’ from the moment he was inside.

“I just had it in me. It was one of those things; you never know until you try it.”

Donaire also reveals the story about his fighting moniker, tells about his special relationship with Andre Ward, love for Karaoke, and more much in the fascinating episode of Kalle’s WBSS Hangouts’.

Nonito Donaire is scheduled to fight Emmanuel Rodriguez, WBSS 118 lbs semi-finalist, on December 19 in Uncasville, Connecticut.

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