Serrano: “Let’s do it like the men”

Amanda Serrano is calling for 12 three-minute rounds when she faces Katie Taylor in women’s boxing blockbuster at Madison Square Garden.

February 9th, 2022

In men’s boxing, world-title fights are fought over 12 rounds of three minutes, whereas women’s title fights currently take place over 10 rounds of two minutes.

Amanda Serrano, a seven-weight world champion, wants to see that change.

Katie Taylor vs. Amanda Serrano April 30 at Madison Square Garden is a 10-round lightweight title unification bout, one of the biggest fights in women’s boxing, and a historic one. The famous fight venue has never had a headline contest featuring women in 140 years.

“We’re making the biggest payday, both of us,” Serrano said at a London press conference before addressing the subject of 12 rounds of three minutes.

“We’re making history and I want to continue to open the doors for the new generation coming into the sport.

“I’m a woman for equality. We all talk about equality and if Katie Taylor’s willing, I’m ready to make this 12 rounds of three minutes.”

“So, Katie, you up for it?”

“12 three-minute rounds?” Taylor asked.

“12 three-minute rounds,” Serrano reiterated. “Let’s do it like the men.”

Taylor’s response; “I don’t really feel like that will make a huge change. The fight is already iconic the way it is.

“The fact the pre-sales are the second-best in history says it all really. This fight is even more historic than we realise.”

Serrano said: “I understand that. But if people really want to take notice we need to make a stand.”

Taylor: “I think we’re already making a stand.

“This fight is going to show the best female pound-for-pound fighter in the world. We’re already making a stand by taking this fight.”

Other stars in women’s boxing like Claressa Shields and Marlen Esparza have been advocating for three minutes rounds.

Photo: Mark Robinson, Matchroom