The Super-Middleweights Re-enter the Stage with the Second Retro WBSS | World Boxing Super Series
The Super-Middleweights Re-enter the Stage with the Second Retro WBSS

The Super-Middleweights Re-enter the Stage with the Second Retro WBSS

20th, April 2020

The World Boxing Super Series will be rerunning every Super-Middleweight bout from the inaugural season of the WBSS this week.

The opening clash between Callum Smith vs Erik Skoglund 16 Sep., 2017 in Liverpool goes live at 7pm (GMT) on World Boxing Super Series Facebook and YouTube tonight, and so it continues very day at the same time and place from Monday to Sunday.

Scouser Callum Smith and Swede Erik Skoglund brought a combined unbeaten record of 48-0 into the first fight of the World Boxing Super Series Super-Middleweight tournament.

Smith selected Skoglund at the WBSS draft event in Monaco and explained at the press conference: “I didn’t select him because he was a weak link. There are no weak links in the tournament.

“There are eight good fighters and I had to choose one of them, but stylistically he will bring out the best in my style and things people haven’t seen from me before.

“It’s an opportunity for me to remind people how good I am and get people talking about me the way they were this time last year. I’m forever improving and studying and I’m a better fighter than I was this time last year. Hopefully people will see that improvement on Saturday night.”

Skoglund said: “Of course fighting in my opponent’s backyard is going to affect me but I think it’s for the best because I’ve boxed a lot in my hometown with all the pressure and expectations that brings. I have to perform, I have to win and I have to deliver. But in this fight I’m the underdog and all the pressure falls on Callum Smith.”

The 2017-18 Season 1 of the WBSS consisted of two weight classes, Cruiserweight and Super-Middleweight, and featured battles that became classics of the sport.

Not only the fights, but also videos, photos and interviews from a spectacular season will resurface in the coming weeks on WBSS platforms to entertain fight fans all over the world during these challenging times.


WBSS Super-Middleweight Schedule, April 21-April 28:


Callum Smith vs Erik Skoglund – Monday, 7pm (GMT) /  2pm (ET)

Chris Eubank Jr. vs Avni Yildirim – Tuesday, 7pm (GMT) /  2pm (ET)

George Groves vs Jamie Cox – Wednesday, 7pm (GMT) /  2pm (ET)

Juergen Braehmer vs Rob Brant – Thursday, 7pm (GMT) /  2pm (ET)


Groves vs Eubank Jr. – Friday, 7pm (GMT) /  2pm (ET)

Smith vs Nieky Holzken – Saturday, 7pm (GMT) /  2pm (ET)


Smith vs Groves, Sunday, 7pm (GMT) /  2pm (ET)